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9/21/17 - Click here to read about Colin kicking off the Ohio University Cafe Conversations with his talk "To Buy or Not to Buy: That is the Question."
4/18/17 - Click here for Colin's insights on sustainability marketing for IBM Think Marketing.

3/1/17 - Click here (and scroll down) to see how Colin's Sustainability Marketing class is helping OU's sustainability benchmarks.
12/21/16 - Click here to read about Colin's students' Lasting Legacies for Ohio University and the Athens community.
8/15/16 - Click here to see how Colin spent the first part of the 2016 summer in Barcelona.
8/10/16 - Click here to listen to Colin's podcast on sustainable business.
8/4/16 - Click here to contact Colin about his expertise in sustainability marketing strategy.
6/30/16 - Click here to see OU's Instagram post about GCP Barcelona.
6/22/16 - Click here for a media alert about Colin's disaster research.
4/21/16 - Click here for a recap of the Student Research Expo where Colin's class surpassed all expectations.
4/7/16 - Click here for a media alert about Colin's sustainability research.

3/30/16 - Click here for a story on the Student Research Expo and collaboration b/t the Office of Sustainability and College of Business.
3/29/16 - Click here to read President McDavis's email about the Student Research Expo. The first bullet point refers to Colin's class.
2/9/16 - Click here to read the "Ten Things Everyone Can Learn from @OhioUBusiness" Super Bowl Live Tweet.
2/1/16 - Click here to read about Colin live tweeting the 2016 Super Bowl under the @OhioUBusiness Twitter account.
1/8/16 - Click here to see a quote from Colin and other OU COB colleagues on how to succeed in the new year.
12/15/15 - Click here to read how Colin's "Meet the Professor" article is the third most read COB article of 2015.
11/23/15 - Click here to "Meet the Professor."
11/4/15 - Click here to see the "#whyOHIOwednesday" Instagram post featuring Colin.

Video Links
4/4/17 - Click here to watch Colin's 6-step A-C-T-I-O-N plan for life after college.
4/25/16 - Click here to see the College of Business video to celebrate being ranked #15 in the Bloomsberg Businessweek business school ranking among public universities and #38the overall. Colin is looking awkward around 0:20.
9/15/15 - Click here to see the College of Business welcome video for incoming freshman. Colin is peppered throughout (for better or worse).