"Ancora impara." Michelangelo
If Michelangelo could say "I am still learning" on his deathbed, then it is fair to say that individuals continue to learn throughout their entire lives. Marketing research is one way that Colin continues to uncover new phenomena, ask interesting questions, and collaborate with a wide array of talented people.

Colin has authored over 20
articles in leading business journals. His research focuses on how organizations manage multiple stakeholders. Specifically, he is interested in when stakeholder values are misaligned and how firms and policy-makers respond to these multiple and often competing goals. Topics include sustainable business strategy, sales/service expectations, retail pricing strategy, consumer psychology, and supply chain resiliency.

In 2017, Colin won the university-wide Sustainability Research & Advocacy Award.
In 2015, Colin won the college-wide Faculty Excellence in Intellectual Contribution Award.

While his record is quite varied, he is starting to focus on what he calls "good" research. This research tackles any question that may help society-at-large or our planet, and the policy-makers and business managers striving toward environmental or social good.

Current projects include:
  • Competing values of stakeholders
  • Public-private partnerships and supply chain resiliency
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Service-Sales ambidexterity
  • Sustainability & stakeholder management