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GCP Prep Course

Course Description:

This 2-credit course is designed to prepare you for your Global Consulting Program experience. It dovetails with a 1-credit boot camp, for which you will receive a separate syllabus. Using the expertise of several faculty, we will combine skills across disciplines to ensure you are ready to succeed when you arrive in your summer location. Specifically, the course combines skills in the following areas: 1) language and culture, 2) travel and practical, 3) business and analytics, 4) social and soft, 4) team-building and project management, all culminating in an ethical, well-rounded, and culturally-appreciative business student who will be an Ohio University Ambassador to the rest of the world.


     Course Objectives/Learning Goals:

·         To apply your business training and skills learned at Ohio University to address an international business consulting problem

·         To develop project management, team and interpersonal skills in a challenging environment

·         To learn how to interact with clients and manage relationships with them

·         To develop tolerance for ambiguity and adversity

·         To gain new perspectives on conducting business in an international setting

·         To develop an appreciation and respect for the country’s culture

·         To learn and practice proper business etiquette in the context of a different culture

·         To learn to create meaningful and high quality deliverables

·         To learn and practice some basic language and culture of the site you will be visiting