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Professional Sales

Course Description: This course combines professional selling theory with actual practice. Students learn skills needed for successful careers in sales and marketing.


Course Objectives/Learning Goals: Upon completion of this course students should demonstrate success in three major areas: Learning/Understanding, Skills Application, and Personal & Professional Development.


1.   Students should learn and understand:

·      The role of professional sales in today’s competitive business world.

·      That the ability to sell one’s self and ideas is important in any career.

·      The appropriate sales terminology needed to communicate effectively in a business context.

·      The organizational decision-making and buying processes.

·      The steps in the basic sales process & how this process creates value & customer satisfaction.

·      How to prospect and identify qualified leads in a sales environment.

·      How to build a mutually beneficial relationship with a customer.

·      Adaptive selling strategies that enhance the selling process.

·      Negotiation strategies that enhance the selling process.


2.   Students should apply:

·      The sales skills & knowledge learned in this class by participating in two role play exercises.


3.   Students should develop:

·      A general awareness of the attributes of successful salespeople.

·      Excellent oral and written communication skills.

·      Career management options by learning the value of selling in today’s marketplace.

·      An awareness of the ethical/legal/social responsibilities of salespeople & the sales profession.