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Sustainability Marketing

Course Description:

In this course, students will investigate the overlap between marketing and sustainability in a dynamic business landscape. Using a combination of lectures, videos, assignments, and group projects, the class will examine the environmental, social, and economic principles of sustainability within a business context. Students will learn to think critically and creatively to challenge assumptions and uncover bridges and barriers to successful marketing strategy. Finally, students will discuss the role of personal beliefs and cultural norms in an interconnected, global economy. The goal is to develop responsible, analytical, curious businesspeople who are ready to tackle the issues of our changing planet.

Course Objectives/Learning Goals:

·      Understand the history and current global trends in sustainability marketing

·      Uncover and explore challenges and opportunities in sustainability marketing

·      Incorporate personal viewpoints into a broader discussion with similar & opposing opinions

·      Work effectively with a diverse group of students on multiple projects

·      Create and present a proposal for a real-world project from the Sustainability Expo

·      Examine business decisions through multiple lenses, including ethical, environmental, economic, social, & political

·      Analyze frameworks and theories related to sustainability and the marketing mix

·      Differentiate and position brands based on their sustainability initiatives

·      Investigate brand authenticity and corporate strategy

·      Apply for a university-wide research grant